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California Equal Pay Playbook

Use the California Equal Pay Playbook to attract and retain top talent, boost innovation and productivity, and enhance your brand reputation. This playbook is designed to equip you with actionable strategies for achieving and sustaining gender pay equity that can help your organization succeed and thrive. True pay equity requires a data-driven approach centering all workers, acknowledging that the pay gap disproportionately impacts mothers, women of color, workers with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community. Become an equal pay champion by taking advantage of the contents of this Playbook.

A photo collage of company representatives that participated in focus groups around equal pay strategies

The California Equal Pay Playbook is the product of focus group sessions and one-on-one conversations with our generous community of California Equal Pay Pledge signatories. It's a product for California employers, by California employers. See our full list of contributors here.

Learn what we mean by pay equity and start exploring our steps, resources, and tools sourced from your peers right here in California to inspire and support your own efforts.

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