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About the Collaboration

The California Equal Pay Playbook was created for you by the California Partners Project:

In partnership with the people of California, the California Partners Project champions gender equity across the state and ensures our state’s media and technology industries are a force for good in the lives of all children.


The California Partners Project's gender equity work is guided by the wisdom of our Advisory Council and Board of Directors:

California Partners Project Gender Equity Advisory Council - Esther Aguilera, Annalisa Barrett, Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire, Reveta Bowers, Julie Castro Abrams, Belen Gomez, Dane E. Holmes, Hannah-Beth Jackson, Donna Lucas, Heather McCulloch, Amanda Packel, Anne Sheehan, Miriam Warren


California Partners Project Board of Directors - Devika Bhushan, Becky Beland McNaught, Lisa Ling, Olivia Morgan (Chair), Ann O’Leary, Ahmad Thomas, Norah Weinstein, Tom Willis

California Partners Project Co-founders - First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom & Olivia Morgan


Project Creators


Executive Editors - Elizabeth Cheong and Leigha Weinberg

Production Team - Elizabeth Cheong, Kelly Stiles, Orlena Watson 

Artist - Michele Bell

Content Contributor - Rachel Lehmann-Haupt


California Partners Project Team - Elizabeth Cheong, Carolyn Gan (Executive Director), Jennifer Heifferon, Leah Rooney, Orlena Perez Watson, Leigha Weinberg

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