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Pay Equity Conversation Guide 

Prioritizing pay equity is not only good for legal compliance and morally and ethically the right thing to do, but it’s a smart way to manage your talent.
Select from the following talking points as you build support for a pay equity initiative at your organization. You may choose to use the checkboxes as a walk-through exercise. Your choices are not recorded.

Step 1: Choose Your Angle

What are key areas of focus for your leadership?

Based on your answers above, which of the benefits below will resonate most with organizational leaders?

Step 2: Use Supporting Data

Choose data points that uniquely reflect what motivates your organization’s leaders. Stick to the few, top data points that you think will have the most impact.


Consider including company or industry-specific information where available, and keep in mind that business framing tends to be more powerful than moral framing. Here are a few facts and figures to get started:

Step 3: Customize, Customize, Customize

The more you can tie your arguments to specific stories and data from within your organization and industry the better.

Step 4: Make the Ask

Be specific about what you are asking your organization’s leadership to do and on what timeline. Consider asking your employer to sign the California Equal Pay Pledge or make another similar public facing commitment to pay equity.

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