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Step 1:
Secure Buy-in from Leaders

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Securing Buy-in: A Crucial First Step

Leadership buy-in is critical to drive meaningful change. Secure buy-in for your pay equity initiative by highlighting the ways it aligns with your organization’s goals. While many companies may ultimately take action on pay equity because it’s the right thing to do, consider using business framing rather than moral framing when it comes to gaining leadership's support.

Strategies from California Employers


Expect that it may take time, and multiple conversations, to bring everyone on board. 

What might this look like? Imagine a newly hired HR lead at a small tech startup wants to begin a pay equity initiative. Knowing that decision-makers care about data-driven proposals, they collect data, research industry benchmarks, and present findings to leadership. They emphasize that tackling pay equity will require a multi-phase approach and start by seeking initial approval to build a detailed plan and budget.

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Tools to Secure Buy-in from Leaders

Understanding the Gender Wage Gap: Issue brief by the Women’s Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor (available in English and Spanish).

California Equal Pay Act FAQ by the California Department of Industrial Relations.  

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