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More Than Numbers: How CSAA Humanizes Their Pay Equity Audit

Pay equity initiatives are only as effective as the auditing and accountability processes behind them. At CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer, their commitment to pay equity is embodied not only through robust pay transparency practices but also in the grounding acknowledgment that pay equity audits are opportunities to create more internal equity for colleagues.

CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer, has been committed to pay equity and pay transparency for years. The salary ranges for all non-executive CSAA jobs are published on the company’s intranet. Additionally, CSAA conducts an annual company-wide pay equity audit to ensure that there are no systemic biases based on race and gender in its compensation policies and practices.


Regular pay audits are key to identify and address any pay disparities. CSAA digs deeply into the audit data to understand the underlying causes of any pay disparities. Utilizing the audit process to uncover any recurring themes helps CSAA leaders spot root cause improvement opportunities to advance individual careers and salaries. “Instead of correcting salaries and moving on, we look at recurring themes that might create opportunities for more internal equity,” says Lena Mackey, Director of Compensation. 


The holistic treatment of equitable pay aligns with CSAA’s values. The manner in which CSAA demonstrates and exercises pay transparency illustrates for its employees the company’s commitment to equitable pay practices. This provides confidence to its workforce, which pays off with higher employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction,” says Mackey. 


In 2023, CSAA signed the California Equal Pay Pledge and is committed to joining similar pledges in other states, where available.

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