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6 Steps
To Become an Equal Pay Champion

California Equal Pay Playbook: For California Employers, By California Employers

Step 1

Secure Buy-in From Leaders

Leadership buy-in is critical for a successful pay equity program. Leaders set the tone and drive action.

An illustration of money and a scale signifying fair pay

Step 3

Build a Communications Plan

Determine how and what you will share about your pay equity initiative. 

An illustration of a workplace with posters that promote learning about pay equity and another poster with the logo of the California Equal Pay Pledge.

Step 5

Conduct a Pay Equity Audit

Use appropriate tools to uncover and address any pay disparities.

An illustration of two papers showing pay equity audit results and data charts, with a magnifying glass.

Step 2

Write a Compensation Philosophy

Define the principles behind your compensation decisions.

An illustration of a scroll of paper with some words that represent company values to demonstrate a compensation philosophy

Step 4

Standardize Jobs & Pay

Update job descriptions, review classifications, and cut out discretion.

An illustration showing laptop screens and documents of job descriptions and salary ranges.

Step 6

Maintain Pay Equity Over Time

Keep up the momentum and monitor hiring and promotion practices.

An illustration that shows two equal stacks of coins, the one on the left labeled men and the one on the right labeled women.
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