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With Gratitude

The contents of the California Equal Pay Playbook were compiled through focus groups and interviews with 45 California Equal Pay Pledge signatories, representing organizations of all sizes and a wide range of industries and regions in California. 

The playbook's creators extend heartfelt appreciation to California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom for her leadership in advancing gender equity. Her unwavering commitment to equal pay inspires us to turn aspiration into action, building a future where fair pay is a reality, not just a distant hope.

We also gratefully acknowledge the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (CCSWG) for laying the groundwork for this initiative. Their creation of the statewide Pay Equity Task Force, convening diverse stakeholders across industries and expertise, was instrumental to the field of pay equity and the insights and resources in this playbook. Learn more about the Task Force here.  

Thank you to the California Equal Pay Pledge signatory community for shaping this playbook with their diverse perspectives, expertise, and dedication to closing pay gaps in California. 

Special Thanks

Equal Pay Playbook Employer Representation - Adobe, ASPYR Holdings LLC, Balanced Diversity Solutions, BenWally, Inc., Bright Places, Inc., California American Water, City of Los Angeles, CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer, Enthusiast Gaming, It’s Personal Enterprises, Kern Energy, Larson LLP, Lucas Public Affairs, Mattel, Inc., MG Custom Printing, Nextdoor, Palo Alto Networks, Perry Communications Group, Poindexter Consulting Group, PractiGal, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), Snap Inc, Solvang Chamber of Commerce, Trusaic, TuSimple, Women's Economic Ventures, Your PR Girls 

Equal Pay Playbook Focus Group Participants and Contributors - Mary Ann Ankeny, Twiana Armstrong, Rosemary Arriada-Keiper, Tracy Beard, Liliana Bernal, Kimberly Castillo, Ignacio Cavazos, Tony Castellanos, Jasson Crockett, Mark Dwyer, LaVada English, Andrea Fitanides, Tara Fournier, Maritza Gomez, Christine Gipson, Gail Greenfield, Matt Gotchy, Kassy Perry, Jaclyn Ketchum, Christopher Koski, Cherie Lucas, Donna Lucas, Lena Mackey, Caprix Maddox, Ilene Milne, Allison Muraoka, Kathy Odell, Lynn Pizzulli, David Price, Vikita Poindexter, Monica Ratajczak, Laurie Rodriguez, Seana-Marie Sesma, Jennie Siu, Sonya Sigler, Kevin Tilden, Michael Weil

Project Collaborators & Supporters - Hannah Chatalas, Michele Bell Studio, Morgan Lewis, StoryMade Studio

The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls Team -  Morgan Beatty, Holly Martinez, Justin McCoy, Darcy Totten, Kimberlee Vaye 

Office of the First Partner Team - Diana Avalos, Marcella Bertolino, Claire Cullis, Shelby McMichael, Rebecca Sterling, Kayla Ungar, Crystal Young

Thank You to Case Study Partners

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Rosemary Arriada-Keiper

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Lena Mackey & Christine Gipson

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Mary Ann Ankeny & Ignacio Cavazos

Kathy Odell

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