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Step 6:
Maintain Equity Over Time

An illustration that shows two equal stacks of coins, the one on the left labeled men and the one on the right labeled women.

Sustaining Pay Equity Gains

Pay equity audits are not a one-time fix. Recurring or cyclical factors that can impact pay equity include:

  • Competition for talent

  • Changes in job duties

  • Reorganizations

  • Bias in hiring and merit increase and bonus cycles

  • Acquiring companies with different pay practices

To keep your pay equity progress on track, implement regular, scheduled pay equity audits and bias reduction training, especially for managers. Cultivate a culture that recognizes and addresses biases because healthy cultures attract top candidates.

Strategies from California Employers

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Require the completion of at least one bias mitigating workshop or training program for everyone in your organization who is responsible for hiring or has influence over pay decisions before they can hire any new employees.

What might this look like? Imagine a local restaurant chain wants to institute mandatory bias blocking training for its managers. Coordinating the training is a challenge because the managers all have different schedules and work at different locations across the Bay Area. Unable to bring everyone together for a day-long training, the restaurant’s owners find a bias mitigation curriculum that allows them to break up the training into a series of shorter sessions all managers can attend.

Tools to Maintain Equity Over Time

We collected some free tools and programs on bias training for you to explore

See Bias | Block Bias: A toolkit created by the Stanford VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab to methodically diagnose bias.

50 Ways to Fight Bias: A free digital training program by Lean In to empower employees to identify and challenge biases head on.

Fighting Gender Bias in the Workplace: A LinkedIn Learning course that guides you through what you can do to foster a more equitable workplace (free for LinkedIn Premium members).

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